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Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) refers to a broad range of medicine practices sharing common theoretical concepts which have been developed in China and are based on a tradition of more than 2,000 years, including various forms of herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage, exercise, and dietary therapy. These practices are a common part of medical care throughout East Asia, but are considered alternative medicine in the Western world.



Acupuncture is a unique treatment for diseases in China. As an external tool, acupuncture works to cure internal problems through the conduction of meridians and acupoints plus other applicable treatment options. These problems include, among many others, addictive diseases like drug, cigarette, alcohol addiction, stroke, headache, menstrual pains, tennis elbow, fibromyalgia, myofascial pain, osteoarthritis, lumbago, carpal tunnel syndrome, asthma, and insomnia.


Free of charge if not effective


For the hydrolyzed fat, one needs only to wipe the product on the spot where one wants to lose weight. No medicine is necessary. No rebounds after tightening saggy skin. No charge if ineffective.



Put energy into body

Qi Gong and Medicine Bear Healing Touch

Qigong therapy is an energy therapy that does not have to contact a patient's body and that can use water instead of drugs, and transmit energy in the air so as to treat diseases remotely.

Medicine Bear Healing Touch:

  1. A healing technique
  2. Simple to operate
  3. Just the touch of a finger on the Power Point
  4. Healing of chronic or severe injuries.
  5. Three treatments in one course, but most need only one.
  6. Proven effective on back injuries (disks etc.) knees, shoulders, residual effects of concussion, nerve damage, vision problems, hernia.
  7. Knowledge of the causes of your disease enhances the healing process
  8. Feel free to pray in your own way
  9. I place my finger on the affected area and pray for healing, sending healing energy to the area in need.


  1. The body relaxes itself, relieves fatigue and stress, clears the meridians, speeds up blood circulation, maintains the Yin and Yang balance of the body, and enhances the body's overall immunity. In addition, it promotes the recovery of rheumatism, arthritis, low back pain, lumbar cervical spondylosis, hemiplegia, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, prostate and other diseases.
  2. Moreover, it consumes excessive fat to achieve the purpose of slimming, promotes the body's endocrine, assists in the excretion of rubbish in the body and skin, and enhances skin cosmetic effects.
  3. Finally, it smoothens gastrointestinal function, boosts metabolism, and improves indigestion.

Anxiety Back Pain Low Back Pain Neck Pain Tension Headache Shoulder and Neck Pain Health.


Body Detox

"Yi Jingkang" physiotherapy instrument, by immersing the feet, softens red blood cells, activates cells, improves microcirculation, discharges acidic substances in the human body, and repair body cells.
Good for: Gout Diabetes



Cupping involves a cup attached to a pump. Athletes put the cup on their skin and create suction with the pump. Some say the technique increases blood flow and helps a person’s sore muscles heal.



Moxibustion is a therapy used to treat and prevent disease by applying burning moxa to stimulate the human body surface .It is also active in regulating functions of the body to improve and rectify the disturbance and dysfunction of certain organs in the body.

Helen Sun

Treatment:Cerebrovascular Gynecological Dibetes insomnia pains.



  • Medical Massage: 50% off for the first time of treatment of high blood pressure: $35/hour.
  • Herb Medicine: 50% off for treatment of Cholesterol $10/day.
  • Diet Therapy: A: 50% off for treatment of Diabetes $15/day.
  • Diet Therapy: B: Heath Porridge: 50% off $10/day.
  • Anti aging herb tea: 50% off $10/day.


Foot Assessment

Cell Exam




Qi Gong


Massage(body and foot)


Gua Sha


Special foot care






Head treatment


Dehumidification and Detoxification


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